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Quality is said to be both a science and an art.  The Dimensions in Quality logo captures this idea with the colors blue, red and green and the shapes of cone, cube and sphere.
The scientific concept is captured in the three colors representing the primary colors of light.  Various combinations of these three basic colors can produce an infinite variety of other colors.
The artistic concept is captured in the shapes representing what the artist Paul Cezanne thought of as the primary building blocks of form.  Various combinations of these three shapes can produce an infinite variety of other shapes.
The science of quality is well established with Plan Do Check Act and the “statistical thinking” advanced nearly a century ago by Dr. Stewart and more recently with greater emphasis on the science of risk management.
The art of quality can include the important factors of team building, human relations, the creative use of planning and problem solving tools and a never ending focus on customer satisfaction.
The colors and shapes are captured in the logo symbolically as a synthesis of science and art with the arrows pointing inward, upward and onward suggesting the full dimensions in quality.
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