Dimensions In Quality

Management Systems Consulting, Training, and Auditing

Whether your business provides a product or service Scott Morrison can help you implement or improve your management system.  Mr. Morrison is an expert resource for consulting, training, and auditing needs for ISO 9001, API-Q1 & Q2 (American Petroleum Institute) ISO/IEC 17025 (laboratory competency), ISO 14001 Environmental,  ISO 45001 Health & Safety, and ISO 28000 Security Management and other standards. In addition Mr. Morrison can help you drive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process.  He has helped organizations improve operations using this model for improvement, two of which won the Malcolm Baldrige Award and two of which won their state awards based on the Baldrige model.  An American Society for Quality, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, he can help you continually improve your management system or add new focus to the existing system. Customized private or public training is available for any of these areas.
Scott Morrison has broad experience in a variety of sectors and industries including Government, Military, Education, Service, and Manufacturing.  Manufacturing industries in which Mr. Morrison has experience include oil and gas products, high tech electronics, plastics, medical device, aerospace, glass fiber optics, metal fabrication of various types, and automotive component manufacturing.  Other experience includes that for coal bed methane gas exploration, off-shore (FSO and drilling rigs) and mechanical, chemical and bio test labs.
A solutions-oriented professional, Mr. Morrison uses a pragmatic, no nonsense approach that will help you improve operations regardless of your business model or management system philosophy. Mr. Morrison believes that the antitheses of quality is variability and can help you make your processes more predictable through Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC) or related improvement and problem solving methodologies. Mr. Morrison can assist you to quickly identify key opportunities that lead to break-through immediate results and managed continual improvement and/or certification to international quality, environmental or health, safety standards and security standards.
If you need to expand your management system to include, for example Quality, Environmental & Health, and Safety criteria, Mr. Morrison can assist you with System Integration which will save you time and while making the most of what you already have in place.
Dimensions in Quality's primary focus is the oil and gas industry with  experience in other industries that need:
- Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety   management
- Supply chain security and risk assessment
- Integrated management system development including but not limited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Environmental, and  ISO 45001 Health and Safety
Other Industries
- Computer
- Telecommunications
- Military
- Automotive
- Medical Device
- Auditor or Management Training
- Education
- American Petroleum Institute, API Q1/Q2, ISO/TS 29001 Quality and numerous API product specifications
- ISO 9001 Quality
- ISO 14001 Environmental
- ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
- ISO 17025 Laboratory Competence
- ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security
- ISO 17021 Requirement for Certification Bodies
API Standards Qualification
o API-2B
o API-2C
o API-594
o API-599
o API-5D
o API-5L
o API-600
o API-602
o API-603
o API-608
o API-609
o API-650
o API-6A
o API-6D
o API-6H

o API-11IW
o API-11P
o API-12B
o API-12D
o API-12F
o API-12J
o API-12K
o API-12L
o API-12P
o API-15HR
o API-15LE
o API-15LR
o API-15LT
o API-17D
o ISO 9001
o API-Q1 8th Ed
o ISO/TS 29001
- RABQSA Principal Quality Auditor #96409
- American Society for Quality (ASQ): Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Quality Auditor, Certified Manager of Quality/Organization Excellence, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt
Past Certifications
- Certified welder (US Navy and American Hoist and Derrick Co.)
- Certified Level II NDT Inspector (Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle)
- Licensed Vocational Instructor
- Minnesota and Texas Quality Award Examiner
- Six Year Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Examiner
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